Nifty Thrifty: Green Jacket

Nifty Thrifty: Green Jacket

We are full force into the fall season these days, which I am loving. The trees look amazing, the pumpkin flavored food tastes delicious and the chilly air mixed in with the warm sun feels wonderful. Did you catch that? I love fall!

Green Jacket | Moving Peaces

As with every season, there are a few key items that seem to get the most amount of wear. For me, this green jacket has been an item of choice this fall.

Green Jacket | Moving Peaces

So when I found this jacket for $4.59 at a local GCF, I knew I had to snag it. Originally from Gap, it’s been a great piece to layer with one of my many favorite scarves.

Green Jacket | Moving PeacesPair it with some jeans and boots (look familiar?) and you’re good to go. Those jeans? Yep, those were thrifted too. But today we’re just talking about the green jacket.

Green Jacket | Moving Peaces

Since moving to North Carolina, we appreciate soaking up all of the lovely fall moments a little longer as fall seems to last from September to December. To some that may seem typical, but in colder areas of the country, fall sometimes only lasts about a month before it gets cold again.

Green Jacket | Moving Peaces

As much as I love thrifting, it has its challenges. Finding decent clothes for guys, especially tall and skinny (good-looking) guys is one of them. But I keep my eye out when I possible and some spots are better than others. On our trip to Portland this past spring, we knew we were in the midst of some awesome thrifting.

Green Jacket | Moving Peaces

The hubby found this green sweater jacket, originally from Banana Republic, for $18 and wears it every chance he gets.

Added bonus? Now we can accidentally match in our thrifted green jackets.

Nifty Thrifty: Boots and Denim

Nifty Thrifty: Boots and Denim

Denim Dress w/scarf | Moving Peaces

I’ve been wanting something denim for at least a year. I’m sure of it. Whenever I’d try something on it was either out of my price range or just didn’t quite fit like it should. Telling my husband that “the internet said it was trendy” failed to help my case in either instance.

When I find just the thing at a thrift shop, I like to talk about it. I like to be comfortable and happy with how I look, but there’s very little budget to work with to make that happen. Finding it through thrifting just proves it can in fact be done. It takes a lot of digging and even more patience, but it’s possible for an entire outfit to be under $20.

Thrifted Jean Dress | Moving Peaces

So when I found this dress/tunic at a GCF in Asheville (yes, I thrift while out of town), I knew it was finally time to go after my denim dreams. At $3.55 (it was priced as a shirt), it was an even easier decision to make.

It’s a bit short to be a dress for me (which is why the lady ended up selling it to me at a shirt price…no harm in making price suggestions when you are thrifting), but it’s perfect for boots and leggings. Believe it or not, these are not only my favorite shoes, but likely one of my cheapest pairs of shoes, too. These beauties were found at a garage sale for $4 a few years ago.

$4 Cowboy Boots | Moving Peaces

Yes, $4. It was one of those deals where I asked the seller the price and as soon as she said it, I handed over the money and all but ran back to my car because it felt like such a steal. Some people will tell you to never buy shoes second hand. I clearly don’t subscribe to that rule, but instead say it depends on the condition and type of the shoe. I don’t think I’ve ever bought used flip flops or tennis shoes, but I have gotten a few dress shoes in the past and a couple pairs of barely used boots.

Top Detail | Moving Peaces

Under that scarf (which is basically my favorite accessory), I really liked the detail of the top. It’s simple but gives a little bit of a feminine feel to it since the rest of the piece is incredibly plain. And of course, I wear my home state proudly on a necklace from the hubby.

Jean Dress with Boots | Moving Peaces

I think I’m about ready for fall, what do you think?


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