Thursday Three

It’s still Thursday. I’m in the Pacific time zone and completely confused as to when I should sleep or eat. It’s been a fun week though. I think it’s best if this post is fairly photo heavy. Yeah? 

1. We stayed on a boat! We are in Oregon for the week and spent the first two nights in Portland. What better way to experience port life than docked on a yacht? It was a pretty fun little experience and still cheaper than a hotel. With some strong winds and a few storms, it felt like we were off at sea a time or two. Every once in a while on land we’d feel like everything was rocking then, too. 

2. Portland is weird. But they want it to be that way. We had a good time walking around town, eating good food and thrifting. We managed to stay mostly dry throughout our time there but let me tell you, it rains like crazy in that place. We were amazed at how many people seemed unfazed by the fact that it was pouring rain as they went about their day. 

3. Oregon is crazy pretty. Most of the good photos are on our real camera, but here’s a few shots of what we saw on our drive today. Within the span of four hours we drove by beautiful waterfalls, the river gorge, rolling hills and a bit of desert. Around every corner we had no idea what to expect next and kept saying “wow!” with each new element. I’m excited for everything else we will see and do these next few days. 

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