31 Days: Finding Self

31 Days of Finding Self | Moving Peaces

Over the month of October I’ll be blogging everyday about who we are and posting all related blog posts here. This is a bit of an open-ended topic just yet as I haven’t fully discovered what it will entail, but believe it will be an opportunity to really talk about who we are as individuals. Who we are isn’t where we live or what we do. It isn’t something we said ten years ago and isn’t what we ate for lunch. While we may be associated with a great host of things, we are truly defined by only a few. So what does that leave?

I want to explore what that means and how we figure out who we truly are. This past season in my life has not changed the core of who I am or how I think, but a lot of major life things have changed and I’ve had to sort through what that means. Who am I at the core? What makes us who we are?

There’s more to us than the details.


Here I will list links to each blog post, day by day.

Day 1: An Introduction

Day 2: Four Years

Day 3: Hi, I’m…

Day 5: People and Titles

Day 6: Mountain Talk

Day 7: Being Enough

Day 8: Big

Day 9: Thursday Three – Sometimes

Day 10: That Thing You Do

Day 11: What It Took*

Day 12: Hidden Dreams

Day 13: Finding a Job or Finding Self

Day 14: Why We Fit

Day 15: Misrepresented

Day 16: Thursday Three – Super Short

Day 17: One of these Things…

Day 18: Family and Self*

Day 20: Deciding For You

Day 21: Serving Others*

Day 22: Recap & Reflection

Day 23: Thursday Three – Seasons

Day 24: Say Sorry

Day 28: Challenges Defined

Day 29: There Will Be Days

Day 30: Thursday Three

Day 31: Alas…I did not make it all 31 days, but I sure enjoyed the journey


*Denotes guest post. Because finding self isn’t just about me. We all have a story to share.