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With an upcoming trip to Argentina this spring, you would think that I’ve been nonstop planning. The thing is, so much more goes into a trip than simply itineraries. I have researched everything from the type of backpack I want to buy (the plan is carry-ons only) to the many hostels that will house us for an evening or two. There is so much to prepare beforehand, but guess what you have to show for it all in the end (other than taking the trip of a lifetime and the memories that you will cherish forever)? It’s the pictures.

Here’s the thing: I love taking pictures, but I hate lugging my camera around town. You would think having such a great camera (we own a Canon 7D) and a love for photography would result in a camera being around my neck and in my hands at all times. But the reality is, it feels like such a commitment. I know that sounds ridiculous, but unless I am going somewhere with the intention of shooting something in particular, I take more photos on my phone than with my nice camera. I know I’m not alone here, I see you and your phone pics.

Bearing in mind that we will only be bringing oversized backpacks for our two weeks roaming abroad and our camera would account for roughly 23.7% of that space (give or take), it seemed logical to rethink the situation.

Introducing the Canon EOS M Compact System Camera! The perfect small camera that still allows you to use your fancy lenses (EF and EF-S lenses) but manages to fit in your purse if needed. Much research was done, but ultimately this met both our criteria and budget best.

Canon EOS M

What I love about it:

  • Purse and pocket friendly, at 9 oz it’s easy to bring just about anywhere
  • Interchangeable lenses, meaning we can use the lenses we already have with an adaptor
  • Video capability with full HD 1080p movie mode
  • Similar specs and quality to our current camera, including the sensor type, megapixels and video format
  • Lower price than many other mirrorless cameras

Canon EOS M Camera

Why doesn’t everybody have one of these? Well, when you look for cameras there are a lot of things to consider. Ultimately, this made sense for us because we had already invested in Canon gear and wanted to be able to shoot both photos and videos in the most compact model possible. Being so small, it does not give off as much of professional vibe, so for someone trying to break into the photography world they could spend a similar amount of money and get a camera that is bigger and looks more serious. A few other companies are more known for mirrorless cameras so those in the market for a mirrorless camera might consider another brand first. Canon actually stopped producing this camera because of negative reviews from an initial autofocus driver issue (which was later resolved), so the price has gone down. These “negatives” to some were less important to us and helped bring the camera into our budget. (Note: If you are just looking for a basic point-and-shoot camera without interchangeable lenses, then that likely be the cheaper route and definitely simpler to use if you do not want to change a bunch of settings).

Canon EOS M

Admittedly, it is still an adjustment. The LCD screen in the back is a touch screen (which may eventually be really cool but it takes some getting used to) and there is no viewfinder because it is a mirrorless camera. It uses an SD card and has a different size battery than we currently have, so we’ll need to stock up on each of those. Thankfully, I have a few more months to work with it before putting it to the test. While we bought it primarily for this trip, it is a complementary second camera to the one we already have for future photo shoots or videos. So far, we have been incredibly pleased with this purchase. Now, if only we could decide what else to put in the backpack…

*Note: Affiliate links have been used above but we really did buy this camera and no one provided anything to me for free or at a discount. It’s a real review based on our experience and research. If you do decide to click on some of these links, I may get commission on the sale.

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