Thursday Three

And it’s Thursday, yet again! This week has been one of those longest weeks ever, yet somehow I’m not quite ready for the weekend. I know, that sounds crazy. It might have something to do with the fact that we are playing some music this weekend at a local coffee shop and also have some couchsurfers headed our way for a few days. In both cases, I am nowhere near prepared. So if my harmonies are off tomorrow or my house isn’t quite clean enough for guests, I blame the following blog post and all of its contents.

1. Groundhog Day–the moment you realize more winter is coming regardless of what that marmot says. Thankfully, we can celebrate the dark of winter and be silly by throwing another Groundhog Party. Yep, we’re those freaks. I’ve been hosting such ridiculous parties since high school. Over the years, we’ve been given so many groundhog art pieces to adorn our home and brighten our February. Therefore, we feel it’s completely logical to invite a few people over and insist they bring some brown food with them.

Groundhog Party | Moving Peaces

2. You can’t do everything. With a lot of new and awesome opportunities coming my way this week (more on that later) I’ve definitely had to assess what is doable and where my priorities lie. Not always easy, but necessary. Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to do everything and pleasing everybody, but it just isn’t realistic. You’ve got to do the best with what you can and move forward.

3. I think half of the REI employees recognize me as soon as I arrive. (And probably roll their eyes, too). I have been seriously on the hunt for the best backpack ever. Wait, what? Didn’t I already blog about a new backpack? Yep. And then the hubby wanted a new backpack. So we ordered him one. And then I started second-guessing the one I brought home for myself. You see, it was more of a hiking backpack with so many straps and clips that I started envisioning a massive tangle walking down the street. Sigh. So, hours and hours after reading countless reviews I finally ordered a new one. We’ll see how this goes.

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