This Week’s Three

We’re back! Back from a wonderful trip in Argentina for the past two weeks, and I haven’t quite gotten everything back in order yet. Without further ado, here’s the quick three from the week.

1. We’re more busy here than we were there. You’d think that now that we’re back I would have been all over the Thursday Three and had it nicely written out and ready to describe our time away. Well, it turns out that we jumped right back into life here and that leaves limited time for all of the things we love to do. Plus, everyone wants to catch up from our two weeks away all at once. While we do too, it suddenly feels like we are behind on everything already and we only just got here. In time I’m sure we’ll get back into the routine of things though.

2. There’s no place like home. We like living in Raleigh and feel fortunate to live in the US. There are things in other countries that are better at times (like Dulce de Leche for instance), but we have a pretty good life here. Thanks for being a part of that good life.

3. Don’t worry, photos will follow. Soon. Maybe even video, too. It’s hard to go through hundreds of photos and pick out your favorites in a day or two…especially when life already seems busy. But I promise to bring you a few so you can start planning your next trip to South America (it was amazing)!

Iguazu Love | Moving Peaces

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