Thursday Three

Thursday Three

I’m going to be real and say that I’m tempted to just skip an entire week. Skip writing the Thursday Three, skip catching up on laundry, skip checking the mail, skip whatever it is that I’m supposed to do. I’m back from driving around the country and have all the things just waiting patiently for me. Sure, I was traveling, but since I was working remotely the whole time and seeing all sorts of people, it wasn’t really a vacation. So here I am, home, and ready for rest.

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Here’s three short things for Thursday…

1. You can do more than you think you are capable of. That can be both empowering and downright overwhelming.

2. Life is changing. It’s going to keep changing. We find ourselves in patterns we like, and patterns we don’t. Relationships will change, people will change, routines will change. We celebrate, and we grieve, and then transition into what’s new.

3. Sometimes epic is actually ordinary. And in even crazier moments, ordinary is epic.


Thursday Three

Thursday Three

This might be a favorite week for me. Just maybe. I will say, I certainly do like it. Ready for the short and sweet?

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1. Go on an adventure. We all have routines, and there are reasons for routines. Good reasons. But sometimes you have to get out of that routine and go. It takes time and effort (not to mention, money), but it’s worth it from time to time. Make sure you set aside time and take an adventure. Or just take the opportunity as soon as you see it. Even if it just means taking the bus to try a new restaurant in the town you already live in, go on an adventure. Because tell me, when was the last time you did that? Does it make you a little scared? It might be time to just go.

2. Take risks. Adventures don’t come without risks. Risks don’t always lead to rewards. It might not all pay off, but you’ve got to take that chance sometimes. It is the only real way to grow and learn and explore.

3. Don’t take a photo of everything you see or do. Some memories are better left without a photo. You get to relive them in your memory without remembering how the camera wasn’t working the way you wanted or you missed a shot or the pose was wrong or simply that the photo doesn’t do it justice. So then don’t. Just take in the moment as it is.

Thursday Three

Thursday Three

This week’s three is coming in late due to an impromptu gig. I’ll leave you with the short and sweet.

1. Care for your community. The people on your street, the co-workers near your desk, the families at your church–whoever it may be, make sure to take time to care for them however you can.


2. Take the opportunities that come your way. There’s always a reason, excuse or insecurity to say no, but saying yes opens up a whole new set of possibilities. You never know.

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3. Enjoy the day. Every day there is something–something bad, something good, something crazy. No matter what it is, try to take at least a minute and enjoy it.

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