Begin Again

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The last week has been a blur and despite a nice little summary in yesterday’s Thursday Three, I’m still catching up. Catching up on sleep, catching up on chores, catching up with friends and catching up on life. I said earlier in the week to a friend that I am so ready for this season to be over. This season of job searching and insecurity. This season of questions, doubt and rejection. I wanted it all tied up with a bow and accompanied by a job offer.

But that’s not required. This season is changing, and I can begin again. I don’t have to wait for someone from HR to call and tell me that it’s time for something new. New is here. I am ready for a new season and can begin right now. Maybe I’ll begin a new career with a completely different direction. Or maybe I’ll just begin to truly see the value in my time.

It’s a new day. A fresh vase of flowers. A new ripple in the waves. The first of the month and a time to begin.

This is new. Whatever it is. Let’s begin…


This was written based on a prompt in Five Minute Fridays which simply said: begin.

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