Thursday Three

Sometimes, you just need a break from the bad days and frustrations. Today managed to squeeze its way in and be that break. Nothing particularly awesome happened today, but it was just a good day. That is surely something to be glad about, so I will take it for all that it is. 

1. Startups = crazy + awesome Over the weekend we got to go see the final pitches for 14 startups that participated in Triangle Startup Weekend. Teams put together a business (mostly online tools and apps) and had 56 hours to put it together and present it to a team of judges and potential investors. It was interesting, exciting and just a good reminder to keep your imagination alive.

2. Dressing up like cows is always worth it for the free meal.  The hubby and I dressed up for Chik-fil-A day and walked away with full bellies and a bit of laughter over which customers managed to look the most like bovine. Since I was forbidden to post actual photos of our attire, here’s proof of our level of commitment.


3. I realized how jam packed the next 30 days will be. We have people coming to visit, a couple of trips to take, packing and planning to do and a move to make, all in the middle of a busy month at work for both of us. So, although this past weekend/week was supposed to be a time for us to dive into all of that, I’m glad we didn’t. We kicked back a bit and did a few things that needed to be done. Any time with my husband is time well spent and I am grateful to have him in my life.

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