Thursday Three

Ready for some thoughts and emotions on a Thursday night…err, early Friday morning?

1. Please don’t cry. That is the phrase I think (and sometimes say) throughout the day. Because it’s hard to think straight with a whimpering or crying baby in the room, it’s just one of those things. I try to concentrate and get things done and continue to pursue some of the things I like or want to do, but the reality is, I have to do less of all that so I can just be there and fill my baby’s needs. It’s still a shift and a balancing act, but a good one that I am grateful to work on.

2. Get motivated. It’s easy to feel like we need to “get through” the holidays before we take steps toward positive personal change or development–that such things only begin (and sometimes end) in January. I think it can happen at anytime, and maybe the time for that is now. Working out, eating better, investing in the lives of others, reading books, cleaning out closets/drawers–all of those things seem to not only feel good afterwards but also seem to bring more life and energy into my days.

3. Love anyway. I shed a few tears of my own tonight as I read and thought about Aleppo. It’s absolutely tragic. I feel far away and almost helpless to make a difference, but I can give and pray. So that’s what I did and will continue to do. If you’re looking for somewhere to give to the refugees, I had several friends post about Preemptive Love Coalition. After some research and consideration of my own, felt it was a worthwhile place to start with donations.

One of their core values, this is a screenshot from Preemptive Love Coalition’s website
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