Thursday Three

Thursday Three

Hello to the Thursday Three! It’s been a good week of lots of fun things. I’ll just go ahead and tell you that this will be a photo heavy post, but I’m alright with it. We’ve been showing off Raleigh to my youngest sister for the week, which is a great excuse to visit all of our favorite places in the area. All I can say is, YUM FUN.

1. You are never too old to try something new. Right before my sister arrived we decided to cash in one a Christmas gift card toward a local Art Bar. I’m much more of the writing type…I see things I like in art but when I go to replicate it…well, it doesn’t always go as planned. That said, we spent six plus hours painting away until our canvases looked like something we meant to make. Can you tell what it is?

Painting at the Art Bar | Moving Peaces

Painting in Progress | Moving PeacesPaint Date | Moving Peaces

Painting | Moving PeacesPurple Hippo | Moving PeacesGlowing Cherry | Moving PeacesRooster Painting | Moving PeacesThis was the bonus 6″ x 8″ canvas the hubby painted while I finished up my masterpiece. It fits right in with the rest of our kitchen!

2. Christmas is still here in this household. Because both sisters were going to be in town this week and shipping is a total pain, we just decided to leave the tree and decorations up. At this point, it almost seems easier to keep it going year-round. Alas, we have a real tree and cannot make it last much longer. But who doesn’t love those twinkly lights on the tree?

3. There’s not enough time in a week to see all of our favorite places in Raleigh. I made a master list of all the things we’d go do and see and eat while my sister was here and we’ve only hit about half of them so far and sadly, she leaves tomorrow. Recently, I found a list of places to check out in Raleigh and they really did include all of our favorites in case you are wondering what there is to do around here. I wouldn’t call Raleigh a tourist-y place, but we sure do like living here. It’s been really fun showing yet another family member all the reasons why we love it.

YAY | Moving Peaces

Southern Food | Moving Peaces

Art Museum | Moving PeacesSister Selfie | Moving Peaces

Lilly's Pizza | Moving Peaces



A Week in Review

What a week it has been. I know, I didn’t make it in time for the Thursday Three, so I’ll just give you a week in review. This week has been so FULL. There were high highs and low lows with not much in between. Thankfully, the good far outweighed the bad.

1. We had company! Know right now if you’re ever in North Carolina, you have a place to stay with us (albeit incredibly tiny). This was the week everyone decided to take us up on that offered, and I loved it. One of the hubby’s close friends, River, was here to record music (as previously mentioned), and it was awesome. I’m so glad he came. Also, a close friend of mine, Carrie, came through town along with her sister, brother-in-law and niece whom we are also friends with. Such a wonderful time was had when all seven of us were together just eating our favorite pizza on the lawn (because did I mention it was 70 degrees?) and enjoying our time together.

Hubby and Jim matched. (This has actually happened two weeks in a row)


Carrie and I!

Love these guys. (Shout out to Riv’s girlfriend who was at SXSW—you were missed!)


2. Not all fountains are scenic. Ummm. On Monday the toilet was apparently clogged at work. Plunging it then caused a full-on fountain of sewage water (or as I call it, poop water) out of the drain in the kitchen. (The photo below does not even begin to show near the amount of water that spouted out.) This went on for days. Needless to say, things have been a little crappy at work lately. (Yeah, I just went there)


3. Planning a wedding is always more fun when you aren’t planning your own wedding. It’s true. Everyone says it’s so much fun. When you’re in the middle of it, surrounded by all the stress, details and bills it feels a lot more like work. But when you are free from those variables and just along for the ride, it’s quite enjoyable. I happily went wedding dress shopping with my friend Connie over the weekend, and she found THE DRESS. Obviously no photos until the wedding, but it was the cutest little shop full of Southern belles.