Thursday Three

Thursday Three

This might be a favorite week for me. Just maybe. I will say, I certainly do like it. Ready for the short and sweet?

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1. Go on an adventure. We all have routines, and there are reasons for routines. Good reasons. But sometimes you have to get out of that routine and go. It takes time and effort (not to mention, money), but it’s worth it from time to time. Make sure you set aside time and take an adventure. Or just take the opportunity as soon as you see it. Even if it just means taking the bus to try a new restaurant in the town you already live in, go on an adventure. Because tell me, when was the last time you did that? Does it make you a little scared? It might be time to just go.

2. Take risks. Adventures don’t come without risks. Risks don’t always lead to rewards. It might not all pay off, but you’ve got to take that chance sometimes. It is the only real way to grow and learn and explore.

3. Don’t take a photo of everything you see or do. Some memories are better left without a photo. You get to relive them in your memory without remembering how the camera wasn’t working the way you wanted or you missed a shot or the pose was wrong or simply that the photo doesn’t do it justice. So then don’t. Just take in the moment as it is.

Thursday Three

Thursday Three

I’m so glad to have a blog because my little vocal chords are so tired. I lost my voice earlier in the week and just haven’t quite managed to recover yet. But, it’s been a great and full week. Here’s the tops.

1. Parental visits make you really assess your life. My mom and stepdad visited us over the weekend for the first time since we’ve moved out here. We had to really think about what we wanted to show them and navigated all through the Triangle so they could see our favorite spots around town. It reminded me yet again how glad we are to be here and just how much we’ve gotten to do and see. They met our friends, enjoyed our Saturday routine (sleep-in, bakery visit, wine tasting and walk through town) and got a glimpse of our lives. We also spent a little time moseying around like tourists and later watched the Iowa vs. Iowa State game from our favorite neighborhood restaurant. Go State!

Family photo
A little rainy, but still a great day

2. The more involved you are in the community, the more you feel a part of the community. Whether it’s volunteering or going to an outdoor festival, do what you can to be in the community. We’re fortunate to live near downtown and there always seems to be a street festival, concert or something going on. But even if you live in a rural area or in the suburbs, there’s likely something going on in your neighborhood or a place that could use you volunteering. This weekend we walked to SPARKcon, a creative art/music/dance/drama/you-name-it festival and enjoyed seeing all the sidewalk chalk art, the handmade art (jewelry!) pieces and a pyrotechnic show.

fire show photo

Raleigh activity

People were invited to mark different places in Raleigh and I wrote about our "spot" where Raleigh was first considered as a place to live.
People were invited to mark different places in Raleigh and I wrote about our “spot” where Raleigh was first considered as a place to live.

3. When given the chance to join in on new cultural experience, take it. Some good friends of ours are getting married this weekend, but had a Vietnamese wedding ceremony here before we all head to the beach. Both the hubby and I are actually in the wedding party and were delighted to experience a Vietnamese ceremony for the first time. The bride wore red, family introductions were made and gifts were exchanged. The hubby even got to carry in a tray as a part of his duties. I, on the other hand, had the duty of joining in pedicures and fondue with the girls later that night. We’re looking forward to celebrating with them some more this weekend!

Hubby holding the trayVietnamese CeremonyFondue night photo

Thursday Three

That’s right. Two blogs in one day, but hey, I’ve got to make up for some lost time. After my earlier update regarding where things were at, I feel it’s high time for some photos of all of the awesome things that have happened in the last few weeks! 

1. Took a trip to my homeland. Got to see some lovely people, catch up with family, rummage through old photos and congratulate my sister on her high school graduation. 





2. Beach trips are always welcome. The day after returning from the Midwest, I packed up our bags and we headed to the coast for the annual family beach trip with the hubby’s sister and her family. It was warm and sunny, perfect for swimming in the ocean. We ate donuts, shared stories and visited our favorite seaside thrift shop. 


3. Holiday weekends are awesome regardless of your job status. Because everyone else was celebrating the time off, we returned to Raleigh to spend time with friends from Charlotte, host a couple from Wilmington and enjoy a barbecue in the neighborhood.  


Thursday Three

It’s been a long week. Nothing particularly bad or big, just lots of little things happening and stress from all those things. Work has been a little hectic lately for everybody here and sometimes it’s hard to know what will be more relaxing: tackling all the things looming over your head or blowing it all off completely. So let me bring you a super short Thursday Three that consists of the most bizarre and unrelated items possible.

1. Something about being tired brings a strange mix of emotions to the surface. You fight easier or spill over too soon. It can also bring out your comfort creativity. When you’re energized that creativity can ooze out in all sorts of wonderful ways but when you’re weary there’s something raw there. It can either sting or soothe to expose that fatigue. Somehow we keep forgetting that our comfort creativity takes very different forms. He plays music and I eat chocolate write. Even though we’ve been married for a few years now we’re constantly seeking and remembering what are strengths and joys are. The trick is figuring out both how to make them work together and when it’s okay for them to simply stand alone. 

2. I don’t want a dog right now. I was going through some sort of major puppy fever not so long ago but now that desire is buried deep once more. It’s nice to know that at least. I’d rather plan a trip and save up money. Whew. Glad that discussion’s finally over.

3. Senior photos are the best. We have a nice camera, and I decided it was time to have a decent “casual” headshot. You know, for my work email or the blog or that frame on my husband’s desk I’ll be buying this weekend. So the hubby was given the title of art director, and we spent a few minutes awkwardly walking around the neighborhood. Got a few decent ones…




Then we got this gem.

I channeled all of my inner high school senior meets glamour shots.

Feel free to vote for your favorite.

Face It

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

Now that I am at least a thousand miles away from most of the people I know, it seems like a great way to keep in touch. I love the connection it helps me to feel and the easily organized way to categorize photos and “share” them with those I love. But you want to know what I hate? I check it daily. Sometimes I’m on it as soon as I wake up and right before I go to bed. It has me in shackles, armed with all of my personal information to boot. 

Due to a variety of reasons, I toy with the idea of giving it up or at least going on a long hiatus. I haven’t been able to take on such drastic measures yet. Instead, I have periodically been deleting old acquaintances and removing more personal data. The messages with friends and collection of photos keep me there. In chains. Wasting my time.

Regardless of how I decide to proceed, I’d like to think that by the time my hypothetical-and-distant-future-children are around, I won’t be showing them my Facebook page as a way to reflect on the past. “Look! This is when your daddy first commented on my wall!” Not happening. I do however want to preserve some of the memories that are currently only housed (sadly) on Facebook.

Therefore, I would like to make the following pledge:

I, Samantha, vow to be better about photos. Better about taking them, but more importantly, better about organizing them. This means, printing them, framing them and/or placing them in photo albums. Not the kind online, but real-live-turn-the-pages photo albums. 

To start, I will print and frame some wedding photos to adorn our wall. We’ve passed the two-year mark, and I have yet to print a single picture from our lovely and symbolic day.

Following this task, I will sort and print out study abroad photos. China, Greece and a whole lot of Europe are fading fast in my little brain and I’d like to remember my days of adventuresome gallivanting. Finally, I would like to catalog year one and year two of our marriage.

Not only will this provide me with a different pastime than Facebook, but I’ll have something to show for it when it’s over. Literally.