Song: The City Has Known Us

“Collected all here, in boxes and bags, directions where to go”
This City Has Known Us (Earth) by Asthmaboy

A long-time favorite, Asthmaboy, released a new album this past week, and I have had it practically on repeat ever since. Sometimes the lyrics don’t all line up or rhyme but you can still find a phrase that relates or a hear a story unfold. Not to mention, with beautiful music throughout, it’s worth a listen. In this month of moving, this phrase hit home.

Song: Last Love

“And although I am young I will never outgrow my love for you, I will never give you up”

Last Love by Matrimony

Happened upon this lovely couple/family band during the art festival this weekend and was struck my their music and their marriage. It reminded me of our love. While we may have struggles and even sometimes need personal space, I really truly love my husband. On tumblr I see so many pictures of sweet love and see the longing for it in the comments. Here we are—husband and wife—together. We are in it for the long haul but also for the blissful moments that weave in and out of our lives when we can catch them. Sometimes those moments come during the sounds of singing and playing music together, sometimes it’s in the quiet of the morning as the sun peaks through the windows. Let it be known, I am so thoroughly content and in love with that man.

Song: It’s Time

And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit. Right to the top. Don’t hold back.”

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

This past year the hubby got to open for these guys and I must admit, before the show, I’d never heard of them. They blew me away. I’ve been to more shows than I can count at this point and let me assure you, they don’t all make much of an impact on me…especially when I’m unfamiliar with the set list. There was something powerful about the music and the hearts they poured into it. When this song came up on my Pandora station today it gave me such an epic feeling that I couldn’t help but share (even though I know by now most people have heard it).